Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No more.

We have started the adoption process. I'm done getting my hopes up and feeling like a fool a few days later. My body will not do this, and I just don't want to lose all our money on less than 5% hopes. I'm done!!!!!!!!!

I know that when we find out little one, we will be THE happiest couple, ever. But we're not there yet, and are still reeling because of our inability to have children naturally. So, as Sam very eloquently put it, "this is a solemn decision we have made" after many tears have been shed, and after being broken by this; this is not a cause for celebration just yet. I was finally brave enough to talk about our fertility problems and decision to move on with adoption, and a lot of people have congratulated us and whatnot. Very nice and well-meaning thoughts from people we care about tons... but we're not celebrating yet.

So. Next step, here we come.