Friday, February 1, 2013

Open Letter to Our First Miracle

Hello Sweetheart,

I can't believe I'm writing you for the first time, ever. Your Daddy and I are so, so excited and hopeful; we can't wait to meet you..! You may not exist in this Earth yet, but you have been in God's plans all along. He knows that your Daddy and I have been so eager to grow our little family, and He has provided a way for it to happen. Praise Him for His love, and faithfulness!

Last night I dreamed of you for the first time. It was... SUCH a happy dream! I held you in my arms, and you felt so good, so heavenly, so perfect. I'm trying to keep patient while we wait for you; as we wait, we have been preparing for your arrival: we have your crib, your car seat, even some precious little clothes for you. I have imagined a wonderful nursery that I hope you'll love, and little by little it's coming together. Sometimes I get stressed because I want everything to be just perfect for when you arrive, but I am realizing that this "waiting period" is precious; so rather than worrying about things, I am thinking more and more of you, and how delicious it will be when you complete us.

I want to be the best mom I can be for you; I know your Daddy feels the same way. We love you so much, and will joyfully and patiently wait as long as we need to wait until God decides we are ready for His most wonderful gift for us: you.

Forever in love with you,