Monday, May 30, 2011

An Ever-Changing Palette

So now that Sam's grandparents are coming to visit us next weekend, I have found the perfect excuse to change the paint color in our bathroom. YES I remember I just painted it just last Spring! Back then I made the mistake of not buying a pint sample to test the color (Sherwin Williams' Backdrop), and though I liked it okay during the day, at night it made the bathroom look like a dungeon. I couldn't stand thinking that Sam's grandparents would see this color, so a couple of weeks ago I embarked on a "find a new color" journey. After seeing several samples I decided to go with SW's Notable Hue! (Then changed it five minutes before buying the paint to Meditative. I KNOW.)

Since I don't have much time I decided to be brave/dumb and NOT tape anything up, and instead trust in my ability to paint straight around base and crown moulding. (I KNOW). Not only am I almost done after only a few hours' worth of work, but the color looks BEAUTIFUL!
Score! :)

So long, Backdrop!

Helloooo Meditative :)

I've promised Sam this is the last time I'd change the color in this bathroom, so I'm GLAD it turned out good. Sam has GOT to win the award for most patient husband, ever :O

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rambling...Like Inside my Head

I figured that if I got accepted by A&M's Department of Architecture, my "gut" reaction would be a good indicator on whether this is something I truly desire to pursue. Well guess what: my reaction was utter shock at first, then... nothing. In the past two weeks since I received the acceptance letter, I have not once thought, "yay I get to do studio again!". So I believe I'm done thinking about becoming an Architect now. About a month and a half ago, I emailed several friends and acquaintances who live in the area offering to photograph their families for free; I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my camera and capturing happy family moments. This "on the side" gig has made me feel happy again. At the risk of sounding complacent and lazy, I feel very content working and photographing on the side.

Watched the movie "M" tonight. The movie amazed me in more ways than one:
- I usually consider music to be utterly important in a movie in helping the storyline convey emotions. This movie had absolutely NO music, except for when the title character whistled as he preyed on young children. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, even during absolutely silent raid scenes.
- The main actor (Peter Lorre). His monologue/confession which makes up the climax of the movie. It almost makes you empathize with a sexual predator's tormented soul.
- The camera work was quite revolutionary for its time (filmed in 1931). Reminded me slightly of "Citizen Kane" due to its approach to filming action scenes, character monologues, etc.

Watch it! You'll thank me later. (I miss Monk.)

I get to see the girls this weekend! Meghan, Chau, Nicole, Stephanie. :)

P.S.: The title of this entry reminded me of the book "Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti" by Bill Farrell. I Googled "spaghetti brain" and the first picture was golden. :)